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Active Release Technique (ART) in Dublin

Adjusting man's neckAt Advanced Spine & Sports Care, we believe in offering the most effective treatments to our patients, and that’s why we proudly provide Active Release Technique (ART®), a highly sought-after soft-tissue therapy designed to rehabilitate injured muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. ART is a non-invasive treatment system precisely engineered to locate and quickly resolve soft-tissue disorders. Dr. Lue has received advanced training in ART and is full-body certified to provide this therapy to our patients, give them the pain relief they need, and promote healing.

Soft Tissue Injury

When injured, your body will attempt to repair the damage by laying down myofascial adhesions and thicker/tougher fibers (fibrosis) in an attempt to heal. This short term response is important to help stabilize the area and prevent further injury however the resulting accumulation of these fibrotic and restrictive tissues can cause pain, lack of mobility and dysfunction.

These adhesive “scar” tissues cause other problems; as they can

  • Inhibit proper range of motion by causing soft tissue and nerves to get “stuck” and causing tissues to “catch”
  • Cause pain and limited function as well as repeated injury
  • Prevent proper blood flow, creating further damage and repeated inflammation
  • Create abnormal biomechanics leading to injury in other areas
  • Cause muscle weakness and instability
ART is an innovative and hands-on therapy that directly targets these adhesions. Its primary objective is to manually break up and release these dysfunctional fibers and in essence line up the tissue in a more organized and functional manner.

How It Helps You

The therapy process begins with a thorough assessment to locate the adhesions using palpation, muscle testing, and movement analysis. Our diagnostic process utilizes the provider’s hands to identify aberrations in tissue texture, tension, and movement. Soft tissue structures in the body change or adapt with time; these changes are predictable and can be felt by the doctor. Chronic or “older” injuries actually feel and move differently from acute or recent ones.

Once the adhesions are found, Dr. Lue applies hands-on tension, movement, and stretch with precise contact points to break up, “release” the adhesion and restore proper soft tissue health and mechanics. The process is not painful, however some patients feel mild residual soreness and tenderness as the tissues begin the healing process. Many patients feel immediate relief and improved mobility and function.

Art logoProviding Relief From Repetitive Strain & Soft Tissue Injuries

ART is widely accepted as one of the most effective therapies for soft tissue and repetitive stress/motion injuries and often helps resolve chronic injuries that have not responded to other forms of care. It has proven to be especially valuable for athletes, regardless of their level, whether professional or beginner. Ninety percent of the time, athletes with acute or long-standing muscular strain/sprain injuries experience complete recovery—in a short period of time.

ART isn’t just for athletes; it provides relief from many common repetitive strain and soft-tissue injuries, including back/neck pain, posture related muscle tension, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, shoulder/rotator cuff injuries, tennis and golfer’s elbow, hip/IT band/knee pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, automobile injuries, along with many other soft tissue conditions.

The Perfect Complement to Chiropractic Care

Dr. Lue combines chiropractic care and ART to provide comprehensive care that addresses both spinal health and soft tissue recovery. These therapies work synergistically, delivering outstanding results by enhancing joint function, nervous system health, and soft tissue recovery. When you choose Advanced Spine & Sports Care, you can access a powerful combination of chiropractic care and ART to support your optimal health and recovery.

Experience the Power of Soft Tissue Therapy

If you’re seeking relief from soft tissue injuries or repetitive strain issues, contact us today to book an appointment.

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