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Advanced Spine & Sports Care Success Stories

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What Our Dublin Patients Say

At Advanced Spine & Sports Care we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Fantastic Job

Its been a very long time since I have trusted a chiropractor and felt comfortable. Dr. Lue has done a fantastic job not only educating and treating me, but also reassuring me of the processes to come with successful results.

-Chris P.

Helped With Back And Rib Pain

My first visit to Dr. Lue came about after driving 8 hrs in my Prius w/o getting out of the car and subsequently injuring my back. Not going to do that again! The pain was excruciating and he helped me through several sessions. I felt like I was healing in leaps and bounds with each session! I am so grateful to Dr. Lue! I recently hurt my ribs falling on a trail. Again Dr. Lue helped work out my injury and I felt much healing with each visit!

-Grace V.

The Knockout Of The Night!

I’m a professional MMA fighter, and my body takes a lot of punishment during training and in competition. During a fight I incurred an arm injury that followed me during my career for the past 3 years. I went through every kind of therapy I could find on the internet, and to every place in the Bay Area I could find and to no avail on fixing my injury and that is when I found Dr. Lue and Active Release. After a month’s worth of treatment my arm started to feel normal again after 3 years, allowing me to take a late notice fight at TPF: Stars & Strikes and win the knockout of the night!

-“Fallen Angel” Dominique Robinson

Active Release Technique Has Helped Me

I recently moved to the area to continue my mixed martial arts training. I began to experience limited range of motion and pain in my neck and shoulder during workouts. After doing some research on the Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) website I discovered Dr. Lue. What inspired me to visit Dr. Lue was his completion of all levels of A.R.T. A.R.T. requires a special touch or pressure; too much and it is painful and too light there is no result. Dr. Lue used his Active Release to complement his chiropractic adjustments, which helped to alleviate all pain and also increased my flexibility.

-Jeremy A.

Friendly Staff

I would and have recommended Dr. Lue. He is competent, warm, and professional. His staff is friendly and the clinic is relaxing and pleasant. After just a few visits I experienced relief in my left hip and more flexibility in my back giving me the freedom I enjoy.

– Shirley M.


I am a 57 year old female and have suffered from fibromyalgia all of my life. I have been going to chiropractors for the past 30 years for relief of pain. I heard about Dr. Lue from a friend who raved about him after she switched from her old chiropractor to Dr. Lue. He is the best chiropractor I have ever had and I have had many. Not only has my pain level gone down, I am enjoying more mobility than I can ever remember. He works with the soft tissues to increase flexibility and promote proper adjustments. He also gave me stretching exercises to do on my own. I do them and can honestly say that I am able to move in directions that I have never moved before.

– Ellen D.

Nagging Running Injury

I found Dr. Lue after struggling with a nagging running injury that eventually got so bad I couldn’t run. Dr. Lue immediately identified the problem and began treatment the first appointment. He took the time to explain what was causing the pain, the muscles and tendons impacted, how he would treat it and the time frame involved. Without hesitation I can say I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Lue and confident in his treatment and advice. Dr. Lue informed me it would take 6 weeks to treat this injury which meant no running. I didn’t like this idea but decided I would follow his advice. I am so glad I did! 6 weeks later I was back on my feet, running and training again at the same level I was prior to the injury. No more pain. I can thank Dr. Lue for keeping me injury free and maintaining me during my training and pre and post races. I look forward to my visits with Dr. Lue and feel great after he works on me. He is very professional and personable and you will not regret visiting him. I would highly recommend him for runners and athletes at all levels.

– Monique L.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

I visited Dr. Lue after living with chronic lower back pain and pain in my hip that would stretch all the way down my legs and into my feet. It was so bad that my body was fatigued and I was irritable much of the time. It wasn’t fair to my wife or my children. Dr. Lue quickly diagnosed my problem and put me on a treatment plan. Not only did he fix my problem but more importantly, he taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle which promoted a healthy back so my problems don’t reoccur. After being treated by Dr. Lue, my flexibility has significantly improved, my golf and tennis games have improved, and I feel great after a five mile run! Most importantly, I now have the energy to keep up with my kids!

– Brian L.

Holistic Approach

I am a 59 year old female with a long history of lower back problems and equally long history of chiropractic care. I experienced relief with traditional chiropractic but I wasn’t able to sustain the relief for very long. Eventually the back problems turned into pain in my legs and my mobility became more and more restricted. As my mobility declined the pain increased and I was caught in a downward cycle. I began Active Release Therapy with Dr. Lue about 5 mos ago and thanks to his skillful soft tissue manipulation and other holistic recommendations I am 90% back to normal! It is amazing, I went from being challenged just to stand to cook a meal to being able to return to work, walk 3-4 miles, ride bikes, and once again enjoy life! Dr. Lue and his staff are fantastic and I recommend them highly.

-Susan A.

Helped Tremendously

Dr. Lue has helped me tremendously over the past year. Whenever I am in San Ramon I always go see him. At first I went several times a week, coupled with better exercise to strengthen my core muscles, and now once each trip out for maintenance. I am a new man for it, and I highly recommend Dr. Lue. He did an x-ray, corresponded with my doc in NY, and mapped out a treatment to get me back on my feet and I am no longer experiencing back pain. Give him a try, you won’t regret it.

– Ed S.

Thoughtful Care Following Accident

I’ve been going to Dr. Lue for over a year now, ever since I got rear-ended. He’s professional, knowledgeable, and a thoughtful Chiropractor. Dr. Lue was very thorough with my treatment logs and diagnosing the types and locations of my discomfort. He focused on my treatment and was upfront about how often I should come in to treat the whiplash.

What I like most about Dr. Lue is how he explains what’s going on with my spine and muscles. He’ll point out the problem areas on a spine with rubber nerves in his office and explain my x-rays in a way I’ll understand. He patiently answers all my questions about his techniques. I was really nervous about the adjustments but definitely felt looser and more comfortable afterwards.

Dr. Lue is interested in your overall wellness, and will recommend certain stretches at home to target your discomfort. I had a cold one day and he recommended something I could do at home to stimulate my nervous system to feel better. Even though my case ended, I keep going to Active Spine and Rehab because I’ve noticed that my body feels better overall. If you’re in the area and need a Chiropractor, you should come here!

– Amy N.

Pleased With My Experience

I was looking for a chiropractor in Dublin so I did a quick Google search and luckily found Dr. Lue. He is a great chiropractor and I’ve been extremely pleased with my experiences. I typically build up lots of tightness in my back and he quickly identifies the problem area and we work through various stretches and adjustments to loosen it up. Dr. Lue is always upbeat, takes the time to explain what he is doing, answers questions and genuinely cares about helping people. I always leave feeling better and highly recommend visiting Dr. Lue if you are looking for a chiropractor.

– Lawrence L.

Absolutely The Best

I have had back and neck pain for at least 10 years. Before I began seeing Dr. Lue, my neck pain had gotten so bad that it was seriously affecting the quality of my life. I was regularly taking over the counter pain medication and even then I felt debilitated. The first week I began seeing Dr. Lue my neck began to feel better; since then it has progressively improved. I haven’t taken any medication in weeks and am operating at a level of comfort I haven’t had in years. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Lue. He is absolutely the best.

– Dr. Michelle Z.

Maintain Spinal Health

I have Scheuermann’s Kyphosis, which requires me to see a chiropractor regularly to maintain my spinal health. Prior to beginning treatment with Dr. Lue, I had been to several chiropractors and for various reasons had been uncomfortable with the quality of care I had been receiving and how their practices were run. In contrast, my experiences with Dr. Lue’s office and care have been very positive. I have been seeing Dr. Lue for a couple years now and have been very impressed with his warm and caring manner and his ability to keep my symptoms at bay.

– Tom J.

Treatments Have Given Me Relief From Pain

I was suffering from back pain, and at times could not stand up straight. For the last three months I have been seeing Dr. Lue, and his treatments have given me relief from the pain. Dr. Lue gave me stretching exercises that I do at home, and they help me to relax. I appreciate his patience and knowledge as he answers all my questions regarding my case. I would recommend Dr Lue, for he is professional and competent.

– David D.

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