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New Patients at Advanced Spine & Sports Care

Woman completing paperworkBecoming a new patient at Advanced Spine & Sports Care is a straightforward and comfortable process designed to put you at ease from the moment you step through our doors. Our friendly staff will greet you by name and give you a short tour of our facilities to help you get acquainted. You’ll have a few minutes to fill out the required forms. Please provide your insurance information if you haven’t done so already. Auto accident patients should bring their claim documentation when they come in.

The First Visit

Your first meeting with Dr. Lue is an opportunity to discuss your health goals and concerns and answer any questions you may have. We take a comprehensive health history to help identify the root cause of your health issues, followed by a focused chiropractic examination that includes posture evaluation, functional movement screens, and orthopedic and neurological tests. We will evaluate any lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your problem. If deemed necessary, we may recommend X-rays, imaging or other studies to provide further insights and may refer you to the proper facility. This process typically takes around 30-45 minutes.

Together, we’ll explore how chiropractic care is likely to benefit you and based on his findings, Dr. Lue will create a care plan and, unless otherwise indicated, provide some therapy tailored to your condition at this time. We believe in starting the healing process as soon as possible, and your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

Reviewing the Costs of Care

During your initial visit, we will also discuss the financial aspects of your care. When possible, we will do an insurance verification before patients come to the office. It’s essential to have clarity regarding your coverage and benefits.

Some of the companies we work with include

  • Aetna
  • American Specialty Health Plans (ASHP)
  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Kaiser
  • Med Pay (Auto Insurance)
  • Medicare
  • United Health Care
For those without insurance, we will go over the out-of-pocket costs for care. There are no surprises here; we ensure you understand your financial responsibility before care begins.

Your Path to Optimal Health Begins Here

At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, we’re committed to providing the best possible care in a welcoming environment. Schedule your first appointment today; we look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.

New Patients at Advanced Spine & Sports Care | (925) 487-9550