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Minimize & Prevent Injury, Discomfort & Stress!

The goal of Ergonomics is to minimize and prevent injury, discomfort, and stress. This can by accomplished by: adjusting and modifying workstation layout, selecting or designing proper equipment, and/or teaching efficient work strategies. It is important to recognize that even the most ergonomically correct environment will not prevent repetitive stress injuries if the body is overworked. The body has limitations with what it can withstand and surpassing those limitations will most definitely result in injury.

Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist

Dr. Lue is a Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist (CEES) and combines his clinical expertise with knowledge of designing working conditions to consult his clients on-site or at his his clinic. He also conducts group workshops for professionals. Please contact Active Spine & Rehab Center for more information.