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Meet Dr. William Lue

Dr. LueDr. William Lue is different from your average chiropractor. His passion for helping people function better, heal, and optimize their health shines through in his holistic and hands-on approach to chiropractic care. With a genuine commitment to your well-being, he brings a unique perspective to the world of natural healing. He believes in empowering you to take control of your health journey.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Dr. Lue’s journey with chiropractic began with personal experiences. As a University of California Davis student, he faced nagging back issues due to poor posture and his athletic activities. While skeptical of chiropractic at first, the opportunity to intern with a local chiropractor changed his perspective entirely.

He discovered that chiropractic wasn’t just about relieving pain; it’s about enabling the body to heal itself and function optimally. After his first adjustment, the pain vanished and his passion for chiropractic was ignited.

An Education in Chiropractic

After completing his Bachelor of Science at UC-Davis, Dr. Lue pursued his chiropractic education at Palmer College of Chiropractic West. During chiropractic school, he actively participated in the Palmer West Sports Council, providing on-field care to high-level athletes.

He also interned and completed a 2 year associateship at multiple sport-oriented clinics alongside chiropractors for Ultimate Fighting Champions, professional triathletes, and Olympic medalists. These experiences inspired him to specialize in sports and functional rehabilitation, mastering cutting-edge treatment methods and techniques.

Dr. Lue has obtained advanced certifications in various areas and is dedicated to ongoing education. He is proud of his full-body Active Release Techniques (ART®) and Long Tract Nerve Entrapment certifications, involving over 70 hours of hands-on training and rigorous exams. ART is known as the “gold standard” in soft tissue therapy and is exceptionally effective for sports and repetitive stress injuries.

He has also completed the Sports & Occupational Injuries program, focusing on managing conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, upper and lower extremity conditions and TMJ disorders, and also earned the C.E.E.S. (Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist) designation, allowing him to analyze and make ergonomic recommendations for work settings.

He is committed to ongoing education and attends several conferences every year to bring the most advanced techniques and therapies to the practice to help his patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Active Community Involvement

Beyond his practice, Dr. Lue is deeply involved in the community. He enthusiastically sponsors local runs, races, and sports and health-oriented events. He has provided complimentary care at various organizations, including CityTeam Ministries, Salvation Army Rehab Center, YMCA Healthy Kid’s Day, and local sports teams. In addition, he has provided chiropractic care and health services internationally in Mexico, Hungary, Taiwan, and Burma.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Lue is an avid sports enthusiast and loves to cheer on the Bay Area sports teams. He also appreciates an active lifestyle and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children, exploring the great outdoors and maintaining their garden. As an animal lover, he cares for the office aquarium and at home their family includes more fish, turtles, and a parrot. He and his wife are committed to working with youth and teaching Sunday school at their church.

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